Equipment and Pigments

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Equipment and Pigments

The Purebeau machine coupled with the unique technique taught by ourselves can offer your clients a very natural looking soft procedure which will last 2 to 5 years.
The highly professional standard of semi-permanent make-up we hope you will offer your clients relies on a highly developed piece of equipment as well as the technicians own personal skill and eye for detail. Each procedure uses a sterile and disposable needle and tip, pre-packed and opened in front of your client. The needles are commonly used for acupuncture, the fine and precise top and digitally set speed at which the machine works alleviate any unnecessary bleeding and trauma often seen with other systems.

When the technician becomes totally confident and feels that she could work fluently creating 3 dimensional brows, the Purebeau machine allows you to work with 2 hand pieces therefore loading different size needles into the handsets, one being used for fine contouring and the other for shading…. this is in the future, just some food for thought![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

With the Product Kit  you will receive:

  • Digital machine and 1 hand piece
  • 10 bottles of pigment
  • 10 sterile and disposable needles
  • 20 sterile and disposable tips
  • Acrylic Pigment Holder and pots
  • Eyebrow Design Kit
  • Sharps Box
  • Anaesthetics for each procedure
  • 25 Aftercare Sachets
  • Promotional Leaflets
  • Promotional Poster
  • Training Manual
  • and more…..

The kit list is provided as a guide and may alter according to specific training requirements and/or upgrades to the products or equipment.

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