Purebeau® :: The ‘Elite SPMU’ Device


Elegence meets functionality and perfection. Simply Elite.

Needle Types:

Laser-welded, custom-fitted all-round T-needles and flat needles made of stainless steel, no abrasion or other factors causing allergological reactions. Very flexible and fine. And FRS.

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A portable permanent make-up device, perfect for technicians working in variety of setting. Ideal for those who travel to perform treatments at various salon or office locations.

Aluminum light weight, easy to operate display panel, high precision and powerful hand piece allows application for micro-pigmentation and medical procedures. Flow back protection system eliminates risk of cross contamination. Click in system enables fast assembly, smooth adjustment of needle length, consistent quality and excellent results in less time, reduces touch-ups.

Hand pieces available in needle or cartridge. Needle sped operation 50-180 insertions per second.

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