Facial Serum: Anti-Wrinkle & Ageing


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Introducing Purebeau® Cocktail Facial serums increasing product absorption by up to 80% to help target the skin issue:

Combining these 4 treatment steps and products will:
•Replenish &
•Renew your client’s skin

Benefits of our Cocktail Facial Serums:
✔️ Cleansing the skin
✔️ Exfoliating dead skin cells and vellus hair
✔️ Minimising pores
✔️ Reducing pigmentation, scars and blemishes
✔️ Kick starting production of collagen and elastin
✔️ Hydrating & Plumping the skin
✔️ Tightening the skin
✔️ Minimising fine lines & wrinkles
✔️ Improving tone & texture
✔️ Reducing puffiness
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