Training with Purebeau UK

Has The Advantage Of Coupling With Janice Hilton

Janice, who originally brought semi-permanent make-up to the United Kingdom over 25 years ago and has subsequently trained some of the biggest names in the industry today including Harrods, with Purebeau Precision Equipment and Machines.


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This partnership was forged to bring the best technician and the best equipment together. Using the skill, experience and expertise of Janice artistic procedures plus her sales background and talent in making the whole training process fun along with using the most advanced digital technology THEN you have an elite school producing elite trainers.? We have excellent trainers who assist you in your education during the course and a follow-up system in place so you can continue to learn and grow as a technician once you have completed the course.

Anyone who wants to position themselves on today's highly competitive cosmetics market with long-term success knows that well-founded training is indispensable. We offer you some of the best training courses in the world in the field of permanent make-up and provide you with support in our capacity as a strong partner. Benefit from our experience and visionary ideas.

For those trained technicians we offer 1 day boot camps for lips, brows and eyeliner, ensuring you stay at the top of your game. New needle configurations, pigments and techniques to get colour in and keep it in are all part of the boot camp days. We include free social media marketing advice so that you can capitalize on ground breaking changes in advertising, reaching new clients and bringing back your regulars for top-ups.

Our students have high earning potential due to our marketing tricks and tips that you get during training giving you the edge over your competitors. We teach you how to develop your clientele quickly and easily ensuring you make back your training fee very quickly. Add revenue to your salon by sending your technicians to us, we trained the staff at Harrods so we know how to train the best.

What people want today is natural, subtle, barely there make up that enhances how they look. They want to wake up and look good from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed without the need to apply make up. This is where we come in, to teach you all the latest techniques and skills.

With a new career in permanent cosmetics you will get superb financial rewards and completely flexible working as the time spent doing treatments will be very lucrative. Earning potential is high with the right training.

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At Purebeau® UK, the delivery of your products is very important to us and we ensure that care is taken at all times. As some products are delicate, we like to use our local secure courier service(s) in order to ensure a safe delivery. Occasionally, Royal Mail will be used

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Purebeau® products are held in high esteem internationally as some of the finest and most precisely engineered products and machines available in the field of permanent makeup and micro-pigmentation.

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